Electrochem. oxidn. of org. compds. in industrial wastewaters preceding or following a biol. treatment is described. Definitions of parameters are given, including various parameters influencing the efficiency of electrochem. oxidn. of org. compds. (IOE). Results for various monosubstituted benzene derivs. (R = NH2, OH, COO-, and NO2) revealed a decreasing IOE in the above substituent series of increasing electron acceptor potential. Furthermore, the influence of product concn. (i.e. phenol as model substance), electrode compn., pH, and c.d. on IOE was detd. Std. electrodes (i.e. Pt, RuO2, IrO2, and PbO2) yielded .apprx.30% of the IOE of Ti/SnO2 electrodes. Practical examples from industrial wastewater treatment and electrochem. reactors as well as an economical anal. are presented. [on SciFinder (R)]