A simple method is presented which allows to est. the facility of the electrochem. oxidn. of org. species using the electrochem. oxidizability index (EOI) and the degree of oxidn. using the electrochem. oxygen demand (EOD). At platinum anode only benzene derivs. of which one of the substituents is electron donating are effectively oxidized giving maleic acid as the principle final product. EOI values for oxidn. of phenol are independent of c.d. and temp. but increase with phenol concn. and pH. EOI values are strongly dependent on the type of anode material used; Ti/SnO2 anodes give the highest EOI values. At Ti/IrO2 anode, the EOI values strongly increase in the presence of NaCl and decrease in the presence of NaBr in the electrolyte. A decrease of toxicity is obsd. during the electrochem. treatment of phenol. [on SciFinder (R)]