In this process a carrier (Mn+) is electrochem. oxidized (or reduced) and then allowed to react with the org. compd. in a sep. vessel. When the reaction is complete a sepn. of product is made and the spent liquor is returned to the electrochem. cell where the carrier is regenerated. The loss of current efficiency (CE) using the Mn2+/Mn3+ system in 88% H2SO4 was due to the oxidn. of the org. compd. (mainly to CO2) carried over with the electrolyte back to the cell. The study was extended to 50% H2SO4 and a simple relation proposed which permits the calcn. of the loss in CE from the total org. C present in the recycled electrolyte. The oxidn. of PhMe and its derivs. to the corresponding benzaldehydes was carried out with electrogenerated Mn2(SO4)3 in H2SO4. [on SciFinder (R)]