We develop ceramic structures using ceramic-precursor polymers. The possibility to modify easily the physical properties of the final ceramic structures just by doping the precursor with nanoparticles, makes them interesting for new MEMS and NEMS developments. Here, we describe a technique to microfabricate conductor cantilever structures in ceramic. The fabrication involves microfabrication techniques such as micromoulding with high aspect-ratio SU-8 patterning and thick-film structuring of ceramicprecursor polymers (polyureasilazanes). The moulds are fabricated in SU-8 and filled with precursor polymers. SU-8 is eliminated after a last pyrolysis step of the released structures at high temperature to liberate the free-standing ceramic structures. Figure 1 shows the principal process steps of fabrication before pyrolysis. The ceramic structures have been designed for harsh and high temperature (up to 1200°C) environment sensing.