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Synthesis and structures of alkaline-earth metal supersilanides: tBu3SiMX and tBu3Si-M-SitBu3 (M = Be, Mg; X = Cl, Br)

The alk.-earth metal silanides, (tBu3Si)2Be and (tBu3Si)2Mg, were synthesized from the reaction of the Na silanide tBu3SiNa with BeCl2 in Bu2O and MgBr2 in THF. [(TBu3Si)2Mg(THF)2] reacts with GaBr3 in benzene at ambient temp. to form tBu3SiGaBr2 and tBu3SiMgBr(THF). The structures of (tBu3Si)2Be and (tBu3Si)2Mg(THF)2 and the Grignard analog, tBu3SiMgBr(THF), were detd. by x-ray structure anal. [on SciFinder (R)]


    • LCIC-ARTICLE-2003-005

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