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Chemistry with superweak anions: Gas-phase species in the solid state?

Recently we reported on the synthesis and characterization of a series of very weakly coordinating anions (WCA's) of type Al(OR)4- (R=poly or perfluorinated aliph. alkoxide). These anions produce "Pseudo Gas Phase Conditions" in the solid state that allow to isolate and characterize gas phase species in condensed phases. Thus reactions of Ag[Al(OR)4] with weak Lewis bases L such as S8, P4 etc. Led to Ag(L)+ and Ag(L)2+ complexes that were initially obsd. in the gas phase by MS but now were fully characterized in condensed phases, i.e. see the Ag(P4)2+ cation. New reactions of weak Lewis bases such as P4S3[iv] and (NPCl2)3 with the Ag+ cations of these WCA's will be reported. [on SciFinder (R)]


    • LCIC-CONF-2003-002

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