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Heterometallic Bromo-bridged Complexes with a Re(CO)3 Fragment

Heterobimetallic complexes where half-sandwich complexes of ruthenium(II), rhodium(III) and iridium(III) are connected by three bromo-bridges to Re(CO)3 have been prepd. from metathesis reactions of [RuBr(m-Br)(h6-arene)]2 (arene = C6H6, C6H3Et3-1,3,5 or p-cymene) or [MBr(m-Br)Cp*]2 (M = Rh or Ir) with [Re(m-Br)(CO)3(C4H8O)]2. The crystal structures of [(h6-arene)Ru(m-Br)3Re(CO)3] (arene = C6H6 or C6H3Et3-1,3,5) and [Cp*M(m-Br)3Re(CO)3] (M = Rh or Ir) have been detd. by X-ray anal. In soln. all complexes were in dynamic equil. with isomeric ionic compds. of general formula [M2(m-Br)3(p-ligand)2][Re2(m-Br)3(CO)6] (M = Ru, Rh or Ir). The solid state structures of [Ru2(m-Br)3(h6-C6H3Et3-1,3,5)2][Re2(m-Br)3(CO)6] and [Ru2(m-Br)3(h6-p-MeC6H4Pri)][Re2(m-Br)3(CO)6] are described.


    • LCS-ARTICLE-2006-014

    Record created on 2006-02-13, modified on 2017-05-12

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