This book represents first non-edited book on the subject of metal catalysed reactions in ionic liquids and covers the literature from its origins until early 2005. Following a general introduction to the field of biphasic/mutliphasic catalysis, the synthesis, functionalisation and fundamental properties of ionic liquids relevant to catalysis are described. In the ensuing chapters catalysed reactions are discussed according to their type, encompassing hydrogenation, hydroformylation, oxidation, C-C coupling reactions, metathesis, dimerisation, polymerisation and more. Trends, generalisations, advantages and disadvantages of ionic liquids for specific reaction types are discussed. Specific processes such as supported ionic liquid phase catalysis, continuous processes using CO2 extraction and nanoparticle catalysis are covered. The book should be of interest to all those working in catalysis/green chemistry, in particular, to advanced level undergraduate and graduate students and all those researching or contemplating research in bi- or multiphasic catalysis using ionic liquids.