Hardware morphogenetic developmental system

Indirect genotype to phenotype mappings in the form of developmental systems may allow better scalability to larger phenotypes in evolvable hardware. This report reviews developmental systems used in evolvable hardware and it proposes a new classifications based on hardware characteristics. It then describes a genetic encoding and developmental system called the morphogenetic system which has been designed for multi-cellular circuits. This morphogenetic system is inspired upon gene expression and cell differentiation but it focuses on efficient hardware implementation. An hardware implementation on the dynamically reconfigurable POEtic circuit is described. It uses serial arithmetics and time-multiplexing to minimize ressource use.

    Keywords: Evolutionary Robotics


    Sponsor: POEtic IST-2000-28027 (OFES 00.0529-1)


    • LIS-REPORT-2004-002

    Record created on 2006-01-12, modified on 2017-05-10

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