The state-resolved reactivity of CH4 in its totally symmetric C-H stretch vibration (nu(1)) has been measured on a Ni(100) surface. Methane molecules were accelerated to kinetic energies of 49 and 63.5 kJ/mol in a molecular beam and vibrationally excited to nu(1) by stimulated Raman pumping before surface impact at normal incidence. The reactivity of the symmetric-stretch excited CH4 is about an order of magnitude higher than that of methane excited to the antisymmetric stretch (nu(3)) reported by Juurlink et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 868 (1999)] and is similar to that we have previously observed for the excitation of the first overtone (2 nu(3)). The difference between the state-resolved reactivity for nu(1) and nu(3) is consistent with predictions of a vibrationally adiabatic model of the methane reaction dynamics and indicates that statistical models cannot correctly describe the chemisorption of CH4 on nickel.