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Recently, it has been suggested that Darcy's Law might not be applicable for modelling miscible, density-dependent flow in porous media. To investigate this, three sets of careful laboratory column experiments were performed on coarse and medium sands, consisting of upward displacement of water by sodium chloride solutions with concentrations ranging from 5 to 200 g/l. Data on salt concentrations and water pressures were collected in horizontal transects along the flow direction. Salt concentration data were also collected in the influent and exit lines. The experimental data were analysed using a simplified approach based on Darcy's Law alone, applied with the assumption of a sharp interface. Darcy's Law was used to estimate porous medium permeability by fitting predictions to experimental data. Consistent estimates of permeability were obtained for each set of experiments. The results indicate that Darcy's Law adequately describes high concentration displacements through saturated coarse- and medium-grained porous media.