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Long-column laboratory tests were performed to validate improvements to the MOFAT program for simulating LNAPL displacement and entrapment in response to a fluctuating water table. The long-column tests consisted of a fluctuating water table and its subsequent displacement and entrapment of an LNAPL. The modifications of MOFAT include a linear LNAPL trapping estimate and a new scaling technique for the inhibition portion of the fluctuation (water table rise). Improved prediction of the LNAPL trapping was obtained by assuming the amount of LNAPL that is trapped by a rising water table is proportional to the antecedent water content of the porous medium. The pressure- saturation relationship for the air- water drainage system was scaled to estimate the LNAPL- water and air-LNAPL drainage relationships. Scaled inhibition pressure- saturation relationships are improved by incorporating a correction for contact angle hysteresis and surface roughness. The incorporation of these changes into MOFAT led to noticable improvements in the numerical simulation of the experimental data.