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An integral approach to phase measurement is presented. First, the use of a high-resolution technique for the pixelwise detection of phase steps is proposed. Next, the robustness of the algorithm that is developed is improved by incorporation of a denoising procedure during spectral estimation. The pixelwise knowledge of phase steps is then applied to the Vandermonde system of equations for retrieval of phase values at each pixel point. Conceptually, our proposal involves the design of an annihilating filter that has zeros at the frequencies associated with the polynomial that describes the fringe intensity. The parametric estimation of this annihilating filter yields the desired spectral information embedded in the signal, which in our case represents the phase steps. The proposed method offers the advantage of extracting the interference phase of nonsinusoidal waveforms in the presence of miscalibration error of the piezoelectric transducer. In addition, in contrast to previously reported methods, this method does not require the application of selective phase steps between data frames for nonsinusoidal waveforms.