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Silicon cantilevers and tips for scanning force microscopy

Monocrystallme slhcon cantilevers with integrated silicon tips for scanning force mlcroscopy are fabriated by means of micromachining techniques Theoretical considerations including finite element modeling have been carried out in order to find a suitable shape and dimensions according to the mechanical requirements. Several different cantilever designs have been fabricated a simple beam with various cross se&Ions; as well as a folded meander shape with square cross section. Special attention has been paid to the application of these silicon microprobes to measure friction. Moreover, high-aspect-ratio silicon tips with variable geometries are presented and their integratlon onto cantilevers is demonstrated. Finally, the fabrication of an array of such microprobes is described, which enables multiple parallel or serial surface profiling to be achieved. These integrated micromachmed cantilevers have been successfully applied in standard atomic force microscope measurement systems.

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