Recent developments are going towards miniaturized devices and structures. Besides advanced photolithography techniques, complementary patterning methods are evolving. Among them is the nanostencil technique. Schematic overview of setup in operation: the shadow mask is mounted onto a stage of three actuators. They allow movement in x, y and z dimensions. Thus the mask is moved relative to the substrate and in its proximity. This technique is about defining patterns under vacuum by evaporation of metal through stencil apertures. Such a stencil can be used either in static or dynamic mode. The later offers the possibility to custom defined structures; in particular three dimensional and negative structures are possible. It is the goal of this project to do depositions in dynamic mode with an existing monolithic piezo actuated stage. During this work a setup has been enhanced into a usable tool. The mask, which is expendable due to clogging, is now interchangeable thanks to a mask holder, which uses lateral clamping. The movements in x and y direction are generated with a monolithic piezo actuator. The approach of the mask to the substrate in z-direction is made manually with micrometric screws. AFM images of a dynamic stencil deposition. A series of experiments were made. Nanostencils with regular arrays of apertures, which had diameters in the micron range, were used. Elliptic depositions were patterned a Si wafer. Further a line has been deposited, where the depositions of different apertures of the matrix were interconnected due to the movement of the mask in order to build a long line.