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We have measured the giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) and giant magnetoresistance (GMR) of Metglas®/Cu/Metglas trilayer stacks of micropatterned amorphous magnetic Metglas 2714a ribbons and Cu foils. We obtain roomtemperature GMI ratios [Z(0)-Z(Hs)]/Z(Hs) up to 800 % and GMR ratios [R(0)- R(Hs)]/R(Hs) up to 2400 % at frequencies of 100 kHz-10 MHz, with Hs the magnetic field where impedance and resistance saturate towards their minimum values. These high values are a direct consequence of the large dynamic relative permeability of the magnetic ribbons and the chosen trilayer geometry. We analyze our results in the context of a theoretical model of L. V. Panina and K. Mohri [Sens. Actuators A 81, 71 (2000)].