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Munin is a distributed shared memory (DSM) system that allows shared memory paral­lel programs to be executed efficiently on distributed memory multiprocessors. Munin is unique among existing DSM systems in its use of multiple consistency protocols and in its use of release consistency. In Munin, shared program variables are annotated with their expected access pattern, and these annotations are then used by the runtime system to choose a consistency protocol best suited to that access pattern. Release consistency allows Munin to mask network latency and reduce the number of messages required to keep memory consistent. Munin's multi­protocol release consistency is implemented in software using a delayed update queue that buffers and merges pending outgoing writes. A sixteen­processor prototype of Munin is currently operational. We evaluate its imple­ mentation and describe the execution of two Munin programs that achieve performance within ten percent of message passing implementations of the same programs. Munin achieves this level of performance with only minor annotations to the shared memory programs.