This paper reports the fabrication and electrical characterization of high tuning range AlSi RF MEMS capacitors. We present experimental results obtained by a surface micromachining process that uses dry etching of sacrificial amorphous silicon to release Al–1%Si membranes and has a low thermal budget (<450 °C) being compatible with CMOS post-processing. The proposed silicon sacrificial layer dry etching (SSLDE) process is able to provide very high Si etch rates (3–15 μm/min, depending on process parameters) with high Si: SiO2 selectivity (>10,000:1). Single- and double- air-gap MEMS capacitors, as well as some dedicated test structures needed to calibrate the electro-mechanical parameters and explore the reliability of the proposed technology, have been fabricated with the new process. S- parameter measurements from 100 MHz up to 2 GHz have shown a capacitance tuning range higher than 100% with the double-air-gap architecture. The tuning range can be enlarged with a proper DC electrical bias of the capacitor electrodes. Finally, the reported results make the proposed MEMS tuneable capacitor a good candidate for above-IC integration in communications applications.