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ASIStint is an interactive ASIS interpreter with scripting facilities. It may be used for learning ASIS, i.e. the user may interactively try out the effects of the various ASIS queries. It might also be used as an assistant (sic!) when experimenting with ASIS queries, e.g. in order to discover a way of implementing a part of an ASIS application, or to correct it. Yet another use is debugging and testing an ASIS implementation. Input-output of a session may be recorded, and then be replayed.

Keywords: Ada, ASIS, Interpreter.


1. Introduction

2. Example of an ASIStint script

3. ASIStint language description

4. The ASIStint execution environment

5. Implementation approach and limitations

6. Uses and benefits of ASIStint

6.1 Learning ASIS and experimenting with it

6.2. Testing an ASIS implementation

7. Conclusions

8. References