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In this paper we show a progressive way for managing abstract algebraic specifications in order to obtain efficient parallel or distributed algorithms. Our approach is based on TSPP technique (Transformations de Sp cifications de probl mes orient es vers le Parall lisme et le Probabilisme). We claim that the process of transformation of specifications can be done, in many cases, automatically in direction from a high level of abstraction to concrete one using a sequence of derivation steps. The resulting specification, obtained by such a transformation process, is then well suited for execution on target parallel machine. Further we shortly describe the SANDS system (Structured Algebraic Nets Development System) and the TTool - transformation tool package which was developed for performing transformations on specifications. To illustrate the TSPP technique we present here an example developed in SANDS system environment by application of TTool. Finally we discuss the obtained speedup of execution such a derived specification on parallel machine with various number of processors.