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Low-cost technology for multilayer electroplated parts using laminated dry film resist

An innovative technology for the realization of key elements of a microfabricated reduction unit is presented. In view of integrating the functions of gear, pinion and axle into one element, multilevel metal electroplating in a negative dry film resist mould (Riston) is used. Easier processing, inherent planarization for multilevel 3-D structures, vertical sidewalls and high thicknesses (20-50 mu m/level) are shown to be the main key features of dry films. To demonstrate the process feasibility, a gear and pinion set with upper and lower axle posts has been realized with four levels of nickel.

    Keywords: lithography


    • LMIS4-ARTICLE-1996-006

    Record created on 2005-09-13, modified on 2017-05-10


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