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Progress on anode supported cell stacks (SOFCONNEX design, 50 m2 per cell) is presented. A 6-cell stack and a 8 cell-stack were mounted and tested with hydrogen fuel at 800 degre C, yielding 100 W el and 140 W el, corresponding to a power density of 1kW el/L (0.34 W/cm2). Fuel utilisation was 50% and electrical efficiency 25%. A one-cell stack delivered 0.4 W/cm 2 at 70% fuel utilisation and 33 % electrical efficiency, and showed a performance increase over its 450 h test period. Another one-cell stack was monitored and variable conditions (20-50 % fuel utilisation, 0.2-0.5 A/cm 2) for 5500 h including several thermal cycles, with -5%/1000 h degradation