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000053428 245__ $$aSPS: Projet d'une minicentrale pilote électro-thermo-solaire de 10 KWe.
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000053428 520__ $$aThis report presents the field tests synthesis of a small Hybrid Solar Power  Plant integrating three technologies : hermetic volumetric scroll expander -  generators working with two superposed Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) a  cogeneration group composed by a Diesel engine coupled with an  asynchronous generator with heat recovery at two levels of temperature and a  solar field made of plate concentrators. This type of hybrid power plant is  mainly intended for rural electrification purposes in developing countries or  cogeneration in applications like heating swimming pools in other countries.  After having been tested separately, the three main components of the plant  (Concentrators, ORC and cogeneration group) have been coupled in a field on  the EPFL campus in Lausanne (Switzerland) in order to allow experimentation  of the entire installation with real conditions. The general concept is  promising, thermal cycles being quite robust and adapting well to the very  variable solar conditions, and this for the two working modes (Solar and  Hybrid). In terms of performances, results have been encouraging, even if  improvements are still necessary. Expanders worked at part load, the  concentrating surface having been under-dimensioned and there are no  doubts results could be achieved with better adaptation between these two  elements. In hybrid mode, fuel energy was transformed up to 40.5 into  electricity, opening good perspectives for the future including with other  cogeneration technologies like micro gas turbines or medium to high  temperature fuel cells.
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