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Part V represents a study on how a future plant at Cottendart (NE) might look with a gas turbine (GT) toping cycle. In addition to the outside references listed in the Bibliography, this work is based on information and results found in Parts II through IV and VI through VIII (in particular Part VI) of this report. The company for electricity production and sale in Neuchâtel, Electricité Neuchâteloise SA (ENSA), has been faced with the fact that over the years the demand for electricity in their district has increased. Up until now, the available production capacity has been adequate for meeting this demand without difficulties. However, if the demand were to continue to increase as it has without an expansion in production capacity, problems, primarily in winter, would arise. Therefore, ENSA has begun looking for expansion possibilities for its electrical production in the district of Neuchâtel. This decision to expand decided after the start of WISPRO corresponds well with one of the stated objectives of this project, namely to study the possibility of adding a gas turbine (GT) toping cycle to the plant at Cottendart.