Process Integration Study at Brasserie du Cardinal: Energy and Cost Savings Opportunities Using Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR).

Compared to other breweries, Brasserie du Cardinal achieves low specific energy consumption without applying “new” technologies like cogeneration or mechanical vapour recompression (MVR). MVR has been advocated for most types of breweries [1]. This case study shows how pinch technology (PT) helps in assessing the actual opportunity for an MVR system to be applied and highlights the corresponding need for extended heat recovery (HR). The study was carried out at Laboratoire d’énergétique industrielle (LENI) as a personal project for a postgraduate course in energy. In the following, the emphasis is on the heat requirements of the processes, while the steam production and distribution system, the cooling needs, the space heating and other general needs of the plant are not considered.


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