Fast Functional Lists, Hash-Lists, Deques and Variable Length Arrays

Since its inception Functional Programming, J. McCarthy, has almost universally used the Linked List as the underpinning data structure. This paper introduces a new data structure, the VList, that is compact, thread safe and significantly faster to use than Linked Lists for nearly all list operations. Space usage can be reduced by 50% to 90% and in typical list operations speed improved by factors ranging from 4 to 20 or more. Some important operations such as indexing and length are typically changed from O(N) to O(1) and O(lgN) respectively. A language interpreter Visp, using a dialect of Common Lisp, has been implemented using VLists and the benchmark comparison with OCAML reported. It is also shown how to adapt the structure to create variable length arrays, persistent deques and functional hash tables. The VArray requires no resize copying and has an average O(1) random access time. Comparisons are made with previous resizable one dimensional arrays, Hash Array Trees (HAT) Sitarski [1996], and Brodnik, Carlsson, Demaine, Munro, and Sedgewick [1999].


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