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This paper presents type-based publish/subscribe, a new variant of the publish/subscribe paradigm. Producers publish message objects on a communication bus, and consumers subscribe to the bus by specifying the types of the objects they are interested in. Message objects are considered as first class citizens and are classified by their types, instead of arbitrarily fixed topics. By reusing the type scheme of the language to classify message objects, type-based publish/subscribe avoids any unnatural subscription scheme and provides for a seamless integration of a publish/subscribe middleware with the programming language. Type-based publish/subscribe has several quantifiable advantages over other publish/subscribe variants. In particular, the knowledge of the type of message objects enforces performance optimizations when combined with dynamic filters for content-based subscription. %from dynamically defined requirements. Our type-based publish/subscribe prototype is based on Distributed Asynchronous Collections (DACs), programming abstractions for publish/subscribe interaction. They are implemented using GJ, an extended Java compiler adding genericity to the Java language, and enable the expression of safely typed distributed interaction without requiring any generation of typed proxies.