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000052262 245__ $$aThe Impact of the Internet on Telecommunication Architectures
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000052262 520__ $$aThe ever-growing popularity of the Internet is dramatically changing the landscape of the communications marketplace. The two separate worlds of the Internet and Telecommunications are converging. The respective advantages of the two environments are being integrated to fulfill the promise of the information super-highways. In this paper, we examine the impact of the Internet on the main telecommunication architectures, namely the IN, the TMN and TINA. There are two new tendencies for implementing telephony services in combination with the Internet: running part of the control system over the Internet, or conveying both the user data and the control information over the Internet. We examine these two trends, and elaborate on possible ways of salvaging the best parts of the work achieved by the TINA-Consortium in an Internet context. Keywords: Intelligent Network; Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture; PSTN/Internet Interworking; Internet Telephony; Virtual Private Network
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