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This report describes the design of a Replication Framework that facilitates the implementation and com-parison of database replication techniques. Furthermore, it discusses the implementation of a Database Replication Prototype and compares the performance measurements of two replication techniques based on the Atomic Broadcast communication primitive: pessimistic active replication and optimistic active replication. The main contributions of this report can be split into four parts. Firstly, a framework is proposed that accommodates the comparison of various replication techniques. Secondly, the implementation requirements and the theoretical performance characteristics of the pessimistic and the optimistic active replication techniques are thoroughly analysed. Thirdly, the two techniques have been implemented within the framework as a proof of concept, forming the Database Replication Prototype. Finally, we present the performance results obtained using the Database Replication Prototype. They show that in large-scale networks, optimistic active replication outperforms pessimistic active replication.