Beyond 1-Safety and 2-Safety for Replicated Databases: Group-Safety

In this paper, we study the safety guarantees of group communication-based database replication techniques. We show that there is a model mismatch between group communication and database, and because of this, classical group communication systems cannot be used to build 2-safe database replication. We propose a new group communication primitive called end-to-end atomic broadcast that solves the problem, i.e., can be used to implement 2-safe database replication. We also introduce a new safety criterion, called group-safety, that has advantages both over 1-safety and 2-safety. Experimental results show the gain of efficiency of group-safety over lazy replication, which ensures only 1-safety.


    • LSR-REPORT-2003-022

    Record created on 2005-05-20, modified on 2017-05-12

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