The focus of this paper is routing in a wide area mo-bile ad hoc network referred to as a Terminode Network. Our routing scheme is a combination of two protocols: Terminode Local Routing (TLR) and Terminode Remote Routing (TRR). TRR is used for rem ote destinations. It utilizes the location of a destination obtained by the source using location management or location tracking. TLR acts when the packet gets close to the destination. The use of TRR results in a scalable solution that reduces d ependen ce on the intermediate systems, while TLR reduces problems due to the destination location inaccuracy. This paper describes TLR and TRR and the interaction between them. Terminode routing is implemented and evaluated using GloMoSim simulator. For the purp ose of more realistic rout-ing evaluation we designed a new mobility model, the restricted random waypoint model, which represents more realistic mo-bility pattern in a large scale mobile ad hoc environment.