It is shown that infinite impulse response (IIR) filters lead to more general wavelets of infinite support than finite impulse response (FIR) filters. A complete constructive method that yields all orthogonal two channel filter banks, where the filters have rational transfer functions, is given, and it is shown how these can be used to generate orthonormal wavelet bases. A family of orthonormal wavelets that have a maximum number of disappearing moments is shown to be generated by the halfband Butterworth filters. When there is an odd number of zeros at π it is shown that closed forms for the filters are available without need for factorization. A still larger class of orthonormal wavelet bases having the same moment properties and containing the Daubechies and Butterworth filters as the limiting cases is presented. It is shown that it is possible to have both linear phase and orthogonality in the infinite impulse response case, and a constructive method is given. It is also shown how compactly supported bases may be orthogonalized, and bases for the spline function spaces are constructed