Sur quelques inclusions différentielles de premier et de deuxième ordre

The principal subject of this thesis is the study of some Dirichlet problems related to differential inclusions of first and second order. We have studied the two following problems : where E ⊂ R2×2 is a compact isotropic set and where We show some existence theorems of W1,∞ and W2,∞ solutions respectively. Moreover we have studied a minimization problem : the computation of α(p, q, r) defined by

    Thèse École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL, n° 3010 (2004)
    Section de mathématiques
    Faculté des sciences de base
    Institut d'analyse et calcul scientifique
    Chaire d'analyse mathématique et applications
    Jury: Hedy Attouch, Lucio Boccardo, Thomas Mountford, Charles Stuart

    Public defense: 2004-6-11


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