Bi-directional Goniophotometer for advanced glazing materials based on digital imaging techniques - Part of Appendix 8.3 in "Daylight in Buildings - A source book on daylighting systems and components"

For some time the building industry has been in need of a comprehensive reference that describes new and innovative technologies for utilizing daylight in buildings and assesses the performance of these systems. This information is of particular benefit to building design practitioners, lighting engineers, product manufacturers, building owners, and property managers. This book is the result of a coordinated international effort to gather the most up-to-date information available about the application and evaluation of advanced daylighting systems to enhance daylighting in non-residential buildings. Although the text emphasizes the performance of daylighting systems, it also includes a survey of architectural solutions, which addresses both conventional and innovative systems as well as their integration in building design. Innovative daylighting systems are assessed according to their energy savings potential, visual characteristics, and control of solar radiation.

IEA SHC Task 21, ECBCS Annex 29, LBNL
By Nancy Ruck with Øyvind Aschehoug, Sirri Aydinli, Jens Christoffersen, Gilles Courret, Ian Edmonds, Roman Jakobiak, Martin Kischkoweit-Lopin, Martin Klinger, Eleanor Lee, Laurent Michel, Jean-Louis Scartezzini, and Stephen Selkowitz Edited by Øyvind Aschehoug, Jens Christoffersen, Roman Jakobiak, Kjeld Johnsen, Eleanor Lee, Nancy Ruck, and Stephen Selkowitz Participants in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Programme Task 21, Energy Conservation in Buildings & Community Systems, Programme Annex 29 Subtask A: Performance Evaluation of Daylighting Systems: Maurice Aizelwood (United Kingdom), Marilyne Andersen (Switzerland), Heidi Arnesen (Norway), Øyvind Aschehoug (Norway), Sirri Aydinli (Germany), Jens Christoffersen (Denmark), Gilles Courret (Switzerland), Ian Edmonds (Australia), Roman Jakobiak (Germany), Kjeld Johnsen (Denmark, IEA Task 21 Operating Agent), Martin Kischkoweit-Lopin (Germany), Martin Klinger (Austria), Eleanor Lee (United States of America), Paul Littlefair (United Kingdom), Laurent Michel (Switzerland), Nancy Ruck (Australia, Subtask A Leader), Jean-Louis Scartezzini (Switzerland), Stephen Selkowitz (United States of America), and Jan Wienold (Germany)

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