NOVELTY - Production of a component (23) coated with a heat protection layer (21) and having a high thermal load capacity comprises applying an adhesion layer (22) containing aluminum on the surface of the component, and applying the heat protection layer on the adhesion layer. A thin auxiliary layer (24) made from nano-crystalline alpha-Al2O3 is formed on the adhesion layer before the heat protection layer is applied. USE - Used in the production of gas turbines. ADVANTAGE - The component has a long service life. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred Features: The auxiliary layer is directly deposited on the surface of the adhesion layer. The component is made from a super alloy. The adhesion layer is made from an MCrAlY alloy (where M = Fe, Co and/o Ni). The heat protection layer is made from Y-stabilized zirconium dioxide. The auxiliary layer is approximately 10 mum thick.