NOVELTY - The electronic display (2) includes a number of cells (12) whose upper faces form a display surface, each cell has an electro-optic display unit (6) with inputs (14) for data to be displayed. A programmable logic circuit (20) is associated with first electrical connections (24,26;25,27) to the display unit and to the inputs. Second electrical connections (34) area provided for other logic circuits belonging to the neighboring cells. USE - For electronic displays. ADVANTAGE - Designed to for a wide range of applications with freedom to define data input zones, display configuration can be varied to evolve as a function of users requirements. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The cells are formed from a first assembly of internal cells and a second assembly of external cells defining rows of cells at the edges of the display. The assembly of internal cells have identical display units, with identical inputs or equivalent operation functions with identical logic circuits. The display unit (6) of each internal cell has N sides, N being a whole number greater than 2. The corresponding logic circuit is connected by the second connections to the N respective logic circuits of the N adjacent cells whose display units each have a side facing one of the N sides. The cells are spread over several distinct modules each including at least a cell. The modules are assembled and electrically connected to form the display surface. An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a display module.