This publication presents high spatio-temporal resolution (mm/μs) density profile measurements of the pedestal top during type I, III, and small edge localized mode (ELM) H- mode plasmas in the Tokamak à Configuration Variable (TCV). These measurements were performed using a novel short-pulse reflectometer. Average inter-ELM density profiles are obtained via conditional averaging using the Dα trace as ELM indicator. Changes to the pedestal density profile gradients prior to type-III ELMs reveal unique pedestal dynamics leading to the ELM crash which can provide important experimental data for validation of non-linear MHD ELM simulations. The small-ELM scenario is found to feature a ~25-35kHz quasi-coherent density fluctuation near the separatrix ρψ ~0.993-1.05 not observed during a similar type-I ELM discharge. This oscillation is also found in low-field-side magnetic pick-up probes displaying a ballooning character and n=+1 toroidal mode number. This oscillation could help explain the markedly different pedestal dynamics observed in the small-ELM regime.