Logic resynthesis is the problem of finding a dependency function to re-express a given Boolean function in terms of a given set of divisor functions. In this paper, we study logic resynthesis of majority-based circuits, which is motivated by the increasing interest in majority logic optimization due to the recent development of beyond-CMOS technologies. To meet the need for an efficient majority resynthesis heuristic, we propose a top-down decomposition algorithm, whose complexity is linear to both n and m, where n is the number of divisors and m is the number of majority operations in the dependency function. We evaluate the resynthesis algorithms by using them in a resubstitution run applied on the EPFL benchmark suite. The experimental results show that, comparing to the state-of-the-art enumeration algorithm whose complexity grows exponentially with m, using the proposed decomposition Algorithm 1eads to 1.5% more circuit size reduction by lifting the limitation on m, within comparable runtime.