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000028331 520__ $$aIn this paper we describe ongoing work in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Florida as we offer an Online MS degree in Electrical Engineering and as we proceed with the development of major components of a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. In particular we describe the implementation of the "lectures on demand" method using multimedia streaming technologies within the now widely accepted Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN) model. Each class in the program is delivered on campus via the traditional face to face lecture mode. However, the classes make explicit use of computer and communication technology to facilitate an asynchronous mode of learning for both on-campus as well as distance education students. The lecture and in class interactions including computer demonstrations are captured as video or computer animations. This digital video is compressed and broadcast 'live' via the Internet so that students who cannot attend the class can join the lecture. After the class, a student assistant is engaged to generate high quality image and graphical copy of material developed spontaneously in the class by the Instructor. These are then integrated with class notes into a synchronized multimedia presentation.
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