The present invention relates to a method for inducing ground consolidation. The method comprises providing a first chamber (7) in a first hole (3) in the ground (5), and a second chamber (7) in a second hole (3) in the ground (5), the first and second chambers (7) being liquid-impermeable and electrically conductive; providing a first electrolytic fluid in the first chamber (7) and a second electrolytic fluid in the second chamber (7); placing at least a first electrode (9) in the first chamber (7), and at least a second electrode (9) in the second chamber (7), the first and second electrodes (9) being operatively connected to a power supply (25); feeding consolidation fluids into the ground for feeding reactants of a consolidation process, and catalysers for the reactants into the ground; and applying to the first and second electrodes (9) an electric current. The current causes the first electrode to operate as an anode and the second electrode to operate as a cathode thereby inducing electric polarisation in the ground to cause the reactants and catalysers to cross paths to thereby cause consolidation of the ground (5).