The rapidly maturing integrated Kerr microcombs show significant potential for microwave photonics. Yet, state-of-the-art microcomb-based radiofrequency filters have required programmable pulse shapers, which inevitably increase the system cost, footprint, and complexity. Here, by leveraging the smooth spectral envelope of single solitons, we demonstrate microcomb-based radiofrequency filters free from any additional pulse shaping. More importantly, we achieve all-optical reconfiguration of the radiofrequency filters by exploiting the intrinsically rich soliton configurations. Specifically, we harness the perfect soliton crystals to multiply the comb spacing thereby dividing the filter passband frequencies. Also, the versatile spectral interference patterns of two solitons enable wide reconfigurability of filter passband frequencies, according to their relative azimuthal angles within the round-trip. The proposed schemes demand neither an interferometric setup nor another pulse shaper for filter reconfiguration, providing a simplified synthesis of widely reconfigurable microcomb-based radiofrequency filters. For microcomb-based radiofrequency filters pulse shapers are required, which increase the system cost, footprint, and complexity. Here, the authors bypass this need by exploiting versatile soliton states inherent in microresonator and achieve reconfigurable radiofrequency filters.