Due to their remarkable properties, single-layer 2-D materials appear as excellent candidates to extend Moore's scaling law beyond the currently manufactured silicon FinFETs. However, the known 2-D semiconducting components, essentially transition metal dichalcogenides, are still far from delivering the expected performance. Based on a recent theoretical study that predicts the existence of more than 1800 exfoliable 2-D materials, we investigate here the 100 most promising contenders for logic applications. Their current versus voltage characteristics are simulated from first-principles, combining density functional theory and advanced quantum transport calculations. Both n- and p-type configurations are considered, with gate lengths ranging from 15 down to 5 nm. From this large collection of electronic materials, we identify 13 compounds with electron and hole currents potentially much higher than those in future Si FinFETs. The resulting database widely expands the design space of 2-D transistors and provides original guidelines to the materials and device engineering community.