The distribution network restoration problem is by nature a mixed integer and non-linear optimization problem due to the switching decisions and Optimal Power Flow (OPF) constraints, respectively. The link between these two parts involves logical implications modelled through big-M coefficients. The presence of these coefficients makes the relaxation of the mixed-integer problem using branch-and-bound method very poor in terms of computation burden. Moreover, this link inhibits the use of classical Benders algorithm in decomposing the problem because the resulting cuts will still depend on the big-M coefficients. In this paper, a novel decomposition approach is proposed for the restoration problem named Modified Combinatorial Benders (MCB). In this regard, the reconfiguration problem and the OPF problem are decomposed into master and sub problems, which are solved through successive iterations. In the case of a large outage area, the numerical results show that the MCB provides, within a short time (after a few iterations), a restoration solution with a quality that is close to the proven optimality when it can be exhibited.