A construção da mobilidade excludente no Brasil e os impactos da crise da mobilidade urbana em Fortaleza

The urban mobility plays a key role in the planning and structuring of cities and major urban areas. Therefore, the restructuring of the road system justified by the urban mobility system improvement, through the encouragement of motorized displacement in cities, it promotes the fragmentation of urban-metropolitan space and the unequal appropriation of road space. In this article, we attempt to problematize the construction of the excluding mobility in Brazil and the impacts of the mobility crisis caused predominantly by the excess of circulating automobiles in the metropolis of Fortaleza. The urban and environmental problems caused by this crisis harm the urban-metropolitan mobility not only in Fortaleza, but also in different cities and Brazilian metropolises, forcing us to rethink and overcome the historically consolidated model of road mobility in the country.

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@metropolis. Revista eletronica de estudos urbanos e regionais, 11, 41, 39 - 49
Jun 22 2020
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