The fast widening of biosensing applications, such as healthcare, drug delivery, food, and military industries, is increasing the need for generality and compatibility among different sensors. To address this challenge, we present here an innovative approach for the fast development of new electronic biosensing systems, linking a custom-designed front-end with a multi-purpose system. We envision an open tool to help designers to focus on the target molecule and related detection method instead of designing each time a dedicated electronic device. The architecture of the proposed system is based on a modular approach, where only the front-end and the software need to be custom re-designed according to the application. Considering current research and applying a rigorous definition of the technical requirements, the core of the system is designed to fit the highest number of biosensing methods. The flexibility of this approach is successfully demonstrated with three different types of biosensors, i.e., amperometric, ion-sensitive, and memristive.