Essentially non-oscillatory (ENO) and weighted ENO (WENO) methods on equidistant Cartesian grids are widely used to solve partial differential equations with discontinuous solutions. However, stable ENO/WENO methods on unstructured grids are less well studied. We propose a high-order ENO method based on radial basis function (RBF) to solve hyperbolic conservation laws on general two-dimensional grids. The radial basis function reconstruction offers a flexible way to deal with ill-conditioned cell constellations. We introduce a smoothness indicator based on RBFs and a stencil selection algorithm suitable for general meshes. Furthermore, we develop a stable method to evaluate the RBF reconstruction in the finite volume setting which circumvents the stagnation of the error and keeps the condition number of the reconstruction bounded. We conclude with several challenging numerical examples in two dimensions to show the robustness of the method.