Initial experimental tests, setups, discussions and challenges for OSB connections

In order to fulfill all design requirements for a project, some experimental tests as well as numerical investigations has been conducted. The main intention of the current report is to give an insight into the experimental tests which we expected to get the maximum slip modulus by considering a combination of different and possible nailing distance, nailing positions, and tenon-like wood-wood connections. In the following sections, a detailed description of test setups as well as experimental results and a brief discussion upon the outcomes are presented. As the main objective of this step, we were seeking the maximum slip modulus which can be obtained, however, elaborating on the technical drawings including construction fabrications in the precambering case as well as mechanical Finite Element model is an issue which can be discussed as the next step.

Oct 01 2016
This research was supported by the NCCR Digital Fabrication, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. (NCCR Digital Fabrication Agreement # 51NF40-141853)

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