Accelerating Multi-Echo GRASE with CAIPIRINHA for Fast and High-Resolution Myelin Water Imaging

Impaired myelin plays a central role in a wide range of degenerative brain diseases. A method for non-invasive and in vivo assessment of myelin content within clinically acceptable acquisition times is thus desirable. In this work, a 3D multi-echo gradient and spin-echo (GRASE) sequence was accelerated with CAIPIRINHA to achieve high-resolution and whole-brain myelin imaging in less than ten minutes. Myelin water fraction (MWF) maps were derived from multi-echo GRASE data in a cohort of healthy subjects and values proved to be consistent with MWF maps computed from a conventional multi-echo spin-echo acquisition.

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ISMRM 27th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Montréal, Canada, Mai 11-16, 2019

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