A soft portable wearable pneumatic interactive suit

A fully wearable system used for communication and information transfer between two users or between a user and a machine to render an effective and intuitive physical interface for combined input and output functions, the fully wearable system including a bidirectional wearable skin including distributed actuator and sensing elements, the actuator and sensing elements including a multimodal actuation layer and a sensing layer, the bidirectional wearable skin being flexible and stretchable, and a portable control device for controlling the distributed actuator and sensing elements, and reading signals from the sensing layer, the portable control device is configured to perfom pixilated actuation for both micro- and macrostimulation of a body of a wearer by an actuation frequency and stimulation amplitude.

Alternative title(s) : (fr) Tenue interactive pneumatique, souple, portative et pouvant être portée
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