Atomic object reads for in-memory rack-scale computing

A distributed memory system including a plurality of chips, a plurality of nodes that are distributed across the plurality of chips such that each node is comprised within a chip, each node includes a dedicated local memory and a processor core, and each local memory is configured to be accessible over network communication, a network interface for each node, the network interface configured such that a corresponding network interface of each node is integrated in a coherence domain of the chip of the corresponding node, wherein each of the network interfaces are configured to support a one-sided operation, the network interface directly reading or writing in the dedicated local memory of the corresponding node without involving a processor core, and wherein the one-sided operation is configured such that the processor core of a corresponding node uses a protocol to directly inject a remote memory access for read or write request to the network interface of the node, the remote memory access request allowing to read or write an arbitrarily long region of a memory of a remote node,

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